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Professional Artist Application
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Hot Works Fine Art Shows
Professional Artist Application
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Orchard Lake Fine Art Show
Youth Art Competition
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Boca Raton Fine Art Show
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Estero Fine Art Show
Youth Art Competition
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The Professional Artist Rules

• Work must be original and crafted by the artist. Individuals selling work that is not their own or otherwise misrepresenting their work or themselves are not welcome and are requested to refrain from applying. No manufactured items are to be displayed or sold. Artists found not to be in compliance will be asked to remove the unacceptable items, and risk closure of their booth for the rest of the art show with no refund.

• Artists must be present during the entire festival and must personally staff their booth. A government issued picture ID must be available at check-in, upon request. Spouses, agents, dealers, or other representatives may be part of the booth and must be knowledgeable of the artist's work.

• Collaborative Work is when two or more artists work together and should be submitted as a joint application. If accepted, collaborating artists may only exhibit work that is collaborative of which all or both artists must contribute a substantial portion of the final art work. Activities such as matting and framing are not considered actions of collaborative effort.

• Work must be in proportion to images submitted.

• For fiber/bead artists, if the beading is sophisticated sewing and art in itself, that is considered fine craft and will be considered for acceptance into Hot Works events; otherwise Hot Works events frown against "beaders" that string their work.

• Artists must provide white tent (for outdoor shows only) and all display materials. For outdoor shows, booths must be constructed to withstand large crowds and bad weather. A minimum of 60 pounds weight per corner of the tent is required and must be either staked or weighted down, depending on the show, which set up is on grass, pavers or asphalt. No staking is allowed on pavers or asphalt. Flooring (i.e. carpet, rubber mats) is always highly recommended! Commercial tents are available for rent. The cost is $200 per event, in addition to the booth rent. Includes a 10'x10' white, high peak commercial tent with side walls (not the walls to hang art work on, the sidewalls of the tent), set up and tear down of tent, and it is properly weighted to withstand bad weather. For Hot Works indoor shows, we include an 8' backdrop curtain and either 3' or 8' sidewall drape.

• Displays must remain within assigned space.

• No sharing booths unless all artists are represented in juried images.

• Electricity is available for all our events, which is in addition to the booth fee. Generators are permitted, but only if they do not disturb anyone else, for whatever reason.

• We define Photography as the art or process of producing images by the formation of an image on a light sensitive surface or by an acceptable digital printing process. If applying in the Digital category, Digital Art prints must be made from the artist's original digital file. In either case, materials used shall be of archival quality and must be limited editions of 250 or fewer.
• Prints and reproductions are accepted when clearly labeled and limited to 30% of work displayed. Photography, digital, or giclée art prints must be limited editions of 250 or less, signed and numbered on archival quality materials.

• Each artist must provide enough work to exhibit and sell during the entire duration of the art fair. Artists who break down or leave early before closing time on any day of the event will not be allowed to return the following day or to future Hot Works shows unless proof of an emergency is provided.

• An artist package is mailed approximately one month prior to the show, and includes a minimum of 50 post cards to the show. We are happy to provide as many post cards as needed. Mailing lists are encouraged for all shows. If you do not have a mailing list, it is recommended that you start one in each city you do an event.

• Booth assignments are at the sole discretion of the event and are not interchangeable. Hot Works, LLC will accept and do its best to honor special location requests, but cannot make any guarantees. Corner spaces are available for purchase, and are assigned solely on availability and discretion of the event. Booth assignments and map of event will be available on the website a minimum of one week prior to each event.

• Hot Works will inspect booths on site to ensure rules and standards are adhered.

• Sales Tax must be collected and remitted.

Michigan (6.0%) call 517-636-4660 or register online at:

Florida (6.0%) call 800-352-3671 or online at:

North Carolina (7.25%) call 877-252-3052 or online at:

• I am directly involved in creating all artwork in my booth. I agree to show a government issued picture ID at Artist Check-In.

• I authorize the show to use images for promotional purposes for past or future events.

• Cancellations 60 days prior to the event will receive a full refund; cancellations between 30 and 59 days prior to the event will have fees applied to the next scheduled show. No refunds within 30 days of event, except for immediate family death with proof of death certificate.

• Upon my acceptance to the invitation to participate, I agree to remain open during all open event hours. I understand that early departure is not allowed.

• There are no rain dates and no refunds due to show cancellation due to rain, floods, tornados, hurricanes or other acts of God, or for any other reason.

• No insurance is provided to cover damage to my art work, my display or to myself. I am responsible to obtain my own proper insurance and protection of work and structures. I will be held liable for any damage made by my tent or structures.

• It is not Hot Works responsibility to sell the artist's work. Hot Works is not responsible if artist does not make money at the show.

• Upon invitation into the show, the invitation can be withdrawn at anytime, for any reason, without recourse on the part of the artist.

• I agree to hold harmless and indemnify Hot Works, LLC, White Lake, MI; Institute for the Arts & Education, Inc., White Lake, MI; Charter Township of West Bloomfield, MI; Oakland County Road Commission, MI; Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority, Charlotte Convention Center & City of Charlotte, NC; Miromar Outlets West, Estero, FL; City of Estero, Estero, FL; City of Boca Raton, FL, and their agents and employees for damage from any cause.

• By applying to an event, I accept the rules listed in this application, as well as additional rules of the event.

The Checklist
— We accept applications either via "manual" or electronically via "". Complete all required information on the application and by the deadline.
— If you would like any of your information returned, please provide a self-addressed and stamped envelope.
Disks will not be returned unless a self-addressed stamp envelope is provided.
— Three electronic images of your most compelling work, plus one of your booth as you would set up at the show. Size 1920x1920, minimum 300 dpi
— $20 Jury Check for a "manual" application per event (cashed upon receipt). $30 app fee on Jury fee waived for previous year's event winners in that event.
— Booth Check (including corner & electric fee, if applicable). Booth check (corner &/ or electric can be included with same check) will not be cashed until notification of acceptance into the event has been sent to you.
— You may include an Artist Statement explaining the process and materials used in your art work, as well as your reproduction process. Please also indicate a list of any recent awards and honors.
— Please make all checks payable to "Hot Works, LLC" and mail to: PO Box 79 Milford, MI 48381-0079 postmarked by deadline.

The Promise
We are committed to your success. Please feel free to call with any questions or concerns at any time. We are artist-focused and seek to provide a venue that enhances your work and simplifies your participation.


Patty Narozny 248-684-2613

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