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"Nobody cares more about the quality of her shows and the honesty and integrity of her artists than Patty Narozny."

-Les Slesnick, Retired Photographer, Orlando, FL


What makes a good show? Sales certainly count. Patti is a media expert and uses all her knowledge to get great publicity and bring in the crowds. She wants a good show and is willing to provide every advantage she can, prior day set up, aggressive policing of buy-sell, fair jurying and numerous awards that help sales. I want to do her shows because she is on my side.

-Sabra Richards, Sculpture, Worton, MD


Referring to Boca Raton Fine Art Show: "Well run with excellent staff in a great location. For a two day show, it was one of my highest grossing shows in FL. We had shoulder to shoulder crowds!"

-Kit Karbler, Glass, Denver, CO


"Park also understands the serious effort and dedication required to produce a successful art show. Moreover, she had very kind words for a person whom she sees as a leader in that regard. The show promoter who is hands down the most concerned about the well-being of her artists and consistently puts on a great show is….Patty Narozny (of) Hot Works."

-Herion Park, Fiber, Osprey, FL Sunshine Artist Magazine quote

"When I first did the Orchard Lake show, I'd had little experience with retail craft shows, and was somewhat nervous.  Patty and her staff were all very helpful, and I learned a lot from them and from other artists at the show.  I ended up having a great time and a really good show.  All of the HotWorks shows I've taken part in have been successful for me, and I hope to be in many more of them in the future."

Scott Bayless, Glass, Crete, IL

"The Orchard Lake Show is a high quality show. Patty has the skills, ingenuity and commitment to provide a unique Event and terrific support for her
exhibitors. We've met great collectors at the show and have formed wonderful friendships with some of them and with the show staff."

-Richard & Barbra Devine, Designers/Goldsmiths
, Fairport, NY


“Patty is a promoter who really cares about the well-being and success of her artists, and also deeply cares about the quality of her shows.”

-Roy Schallenberg:, Painting, Indian Harbor, FL

“I have never known an Art show director who puts so much energy and dedication into her shows.  Patty is totally committed to addressing an artists needs and concerns.” 

-Lloyd Cheney, Wood, Palm Bay, FL
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